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Features and Parameters of Control Used Micro Motors
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Performance of different types of micro motors varies greatly, so it is hard to clarify their performance and parameters in a unified way。 Generally speaking, micro motors used for driving machinery focus on running。 Force energy at starting refers to micro motor – South Korea SPG micro motor label; motors used as power supply should consider output power, wave form and stability; and control micro motors focus on features and parameters in static state and dynamic state。 Features and parameters of the first two types of motors are similar with that of ordinary motors。

Edit this paragraph 3.1. Operating Characteristics

Operating characteristics are often expressed with relations between output quantity and input quantity or between an output quantity and another output quantity. Speaking from control requirements, static characteristic curve should be continuous, smooth and have no sudden change; dynamic features are usually expressed with frequency curve or response curve. Frequency curve should be smooth, have no kick oscillation points; and response curve should achieve rapid convergence.

Edit this paragraph 3.2 Sensitivity

Sensitivity responds to the output quantity of unit input signals and is usually expressed by torque gradient, electromotive force, amplification coefficient, etc.

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Under certain input conditions, difference value between the actual value of output signal and the theoretical value represents the accuracy of micro motor and is often expressed with the size of error.

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